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When I first started photography,  I felt so overwhelmed with all that there was to learn. Between lighting, composition, posing, editing, camera settings & everything else - it's a miracle that I even started a business at all. I created Wildroot Collective. so people like you can learn about photography in a fun & relatable way. So no matter where you are in your photography journey, we have something for you. I will meet you right where you are and we can make magic together.  

Kind Words

Do. Not. Hesitate. I've taken other "photography" courses before and this one is BY FAR the most informative and hands on. I left feeling so much more confident in myslelf and shooting in manual. Jillian's course is a master class.

Courtney S.

If you are on the fence on taking this class, I would say "run, don't walk to sign up". It seriously changed my whole business and tool my photos and quality to a whole other level. Jillian is so down to earth and breaks everything down. By far my best investment I have made for my career.

Marianna G.

Everyone sign-up for this!! Such a fun afternoon and the venue, food, teaching and practice were 💯🔥💯🔥 I used this as a refresh for my budding photography business and it was the perfect way to get myself the confidence boost I needed. Thank you fo rsharing your talent, passion and love Jillian!

Lauryn A.

This class was a game-changer!! Not only did I learn so much about my camera but met so many incredible women that day! I also loved that no questions were off-limits!!! We learned, we laughed, we ate amazing food & we of course shot incredible photos! What more could you ask for?!? ✨📸

Natalie K.

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